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Network Requirements for installing pxlbrite Media Players

In order to provide the best and most consistent Digital Sign services, there are several points to consider before installing a pxlbrite media player. If the installation location is unable to comply with the configuration points outlined below, pxlbrite cannot guarantee service continuity.

  • There MUST be a wired Ethernet network connection available near the Monitor installation point. 

  • This connection MUST have internet access into and out of the local network. See list of ports below.

  • Networking best practice indicates that this wired network connection should be on a different physical network from the store's POS system if at all possible, or a separate isolated network subnet. If this is not possible, be aware that the pxlbrite device is in no way PCI compliant, and may be seen as 'hostile' by network security tools that may be in place, resulting in the device being blocked from access and unable to have content updated or to be managed remotely by pxlbrite staff. 

  • pxlbrite will not be responsible for any PCI compliance issues arising from the installation of the pxlbrite media player in a PCI environment. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that networking and security best practices are followed when preparing for installation of the media player. pxlbrite does not provide networking or security advice, as each environment is different - we strongly recommend that you consult your IT professional if you need assistance preparing your network.

Please adjust your firewall rules to allow Ports used by the pxlbrite media player, and the URLs it requires access to and from as follows:







Content updates and management



Content updates and management




Remote management of media player


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